Become a modern contact center with Connectel's cloud-based platform for excellent customer experiences.

Become a modern contact center with Connectel's cloud-based platform for excellent customer experiences.

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The founder of Lyko Group, Rickard Lyko, tells about their success concept and focus on the customer.

Enable your organization to create outstanding customer experiences, anytime, anywhere - over any channel!

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Get personal and solve tickets by the phone

As your service provider, we can guarantee the highest quality when communicating with your customers.

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Handle your emails on the same platform as your other errands

Include chat into your Connectel solution and the intelligent routing will portion out the emails to your agents.

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Customers now expect you to have a webchat on your website

Customize your chat, add a bot, and include your complex errands in the Connectel queueing system.

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Is Facebook Messenger the next big marketing channel?

Like all the other channels in our solution, your social media platforms is interacting with our intelligent queuing system.

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Text messageing could be the most effektive channel for a B2C-business

Talk to your customers over text and let them ask questions by simply answering directly in the dialog.

Never miss the opportunity to talk to a customer

Create an outbound call list with our Contact Management module and call out efficiently with the powerful Dialer.


Follow your KPI:s and how they interact with each other

Get all your data visualized. The collection of reports is ever-changing but allows you to get an overview of all your channels.

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Follow how your team’s day is going by the second

Keep yourself informed with real-time data, displayed on the dashboard named Skyview.

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Connectel Survey helps you easily gather feedback from customers

With dashboards and coaching reports the data is visualized to support managers in their decision making and communication.

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Get your contact center closer to the customers

Use a Carrier to get closer to the customers in your telephone and text communication. As a carrier provider, we make sure your contact centers gets what it needs.

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Reduce your incoming errands with a chatbot

Let your agents handle the complex errands, and the chatbot will take care of the simple ones.

FAQ’s can take the pressure off the phone

It will look like a normal FAQ, but will always contain relevant answers. By simply doing what you already do, and creating the best self-service FAQ on the market.

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Guide your customers in the right direction

Let it handle your bookings, guidance to the right department, or get in contact with a specific person.


Integrate Connectel solution with your other systems

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Our Customer's Stories

Discover how Connectel help customers succeed. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say about it. Also read the details of how we solved some of our customers’ challenges.

Customer Stories

Their story about us

In the ever-changing world of pharmacy, customers have bigger and bigger demands on service. They expect getting help and support when they need it, no matter what communication channel they use. We needed a technology supplier that was in the absolute forefront, that can build solutions for us that are based on our specific needs. We found that in Connectel and our collaboration has been spot on exactly what we needed. The collaboration has made what we need possible!

Michael Wallin – Customer Service Manager
Kronan Pharmacy

Example of Integrations

Example industries

Retail & E-commerce

Use Connectel's solution for your customer service efforts. Example of customers: KitchenTime, DinTårta and Kronan Apotek.

Public sector (Page in Swedish)

Be available to the members of your community like Varberg municipal has been with the help of our solution.


Sell insurance over the phone like Bima Milvik in Africa. You will not find a better dialer than the one in Connectel's solution.


Support your customers by answering incoming calls (like 3 in Denmark) or find new customers with outbound sales.

Real estate

Be available to your tenants when they have a problem with their residence. The solution Connectel offers can be of service no matter the time or place.