3 Reasons for Self-Service

From the customer's point of view

It nothing new that companies want to go for self-service because of the dream of lower costs and less pressure on the phones. While I love omnichannel and have expressed before how every customer service should use the omnichannel strategy there are a lot of companies that are simply not interested. Not as much in the US, but especially in Scandinavia. The option companies have is to make a real effort with self-service. The point here is not to do it for the money but to do it to please the customers who you are not pleasing when you avoid omnichannel.

1. The backup option

If your company is relying a lot on the phone channel your IVR might not be created in a way that is easy to use for your customer. Do you have a lot of options in your IVR and does your customer often end up in the wrong option? Then self-service could be an option to help your customer from going crazy.

It’s also an option for those who doesn’t have the time to make a phone call. Or you might be in a place where you really cannot even make a phone call. If you can solve your problems yourself then your life becomes a lot easier.

2. Self-service is available 24/7

Another great argument for self-service is the availability of it. I have in earlier blog posts mentioned that too many companies are not available when customers actually need them. Most of us realise we have something to solve during the evening after customer service has closed for the day. If you are not planning to solve this issue, then self-service is an option available as a compromise.

Mobile devices also make self-service more accessible than ever. No matter where and when. If you can solve your problem now, then there will be no need to remember your problem. I don’t think you want your customer to go around reminding themselves that they have a problem with you. Right?

But let’s be very clear that it’s only a viable option if you are planning to do the work that it takes to have self-service as an option to human customer service.

3. Better customer experience

If self-service has been built right then one great argument for it is the speed of it. If the structure of the information is easy to navigate then I can get answers to my questions within minutes. At the same time agents have more time to deal with the bigger problems that they actually should spend their time on. No need to call a customer service to ask them to send out a new copy of that invoice you seem to have lost!

Self-service is relying heavily on you using or building a information system that truly works for your customer. A well built self-service system is based on the science of usability. Read this article to get some guiding points on how to let usability guide you. Or google usability and self-service. Either way you do need it before you get started.

So clearly self-service is a win-win situation. For companies that does not want to go omni it is also a great opportunity to deliver great service and support with less pressuring daily effort. But it puts a lot of pressure on you  build or choosing the right information system. We at Connectel obviously stand by our own self-service FAQ product, Custello. You will find information about in a few weeks on our new website. Until then, if you are interested send us an email.