3 ways

to improve both statistics &how you communicate with customers

We often want more and more and we rarely are satisfied with what we’ve got. Could you call it greed? Maybe. Many people have today a naive expectation on IT that it will solve all problems. But at the same time we have a high mistrust against IT. What if it actually was possible to both have the cake and eat at the same time? What if there is a scenario where we could have everything we want in both soft and hard metrics?

We will in this blog post list three solutions or processes that can both improve how you communicate and also improve the statistics your agents deliver. All that without increase the stress and pressure on your agents!

1. Gather all systems in one place for the best overview

Something you see in many successful companies is their emphasis on efficient processes. Cutting time and tasks where it’s possible can almost be an obsession with these large corporations. Because the understand that time is money. I’m pretty sure you understand that as well. A majority of your budget probably goes to agents, so every minute matters.

The problem with budgets is that when a customer support manager is under pressure that can result in added stress on agents. That is stress that will not make your numbers better long term, only short term. By helping your agents with their work process, just like the large corporations, you can improve the numbers long term. A great of doing that is to gather as many systems and tasks in the same place. That will help your agents avoid wasting time on searching for the right system and page.

2. Show the customer information where you are working

Even if this one is closely connected to the earlier topic it has more to do with easy access to relevant information. Your agents will be able to answer questions quicker and finish inquiries faster if customer information is available exactly where your agents will use it.

Don’t underestimate the time it could take for your agent to search for a customer and then finding the information they are looking for.

3. Smart distribution & automations

This is a big one, and probably one of the most important ones. A customer support system should be able to intelligently distribute new inquiries. Based on agents’ availability inquiries should be sent their way. That way agents will never be able to cherry pick easy inquiries of take unaccepted breaks without it showing in their statistics.

The even better thing is when you combine smart distribution and automations. Let the computer for example look up a customer based on their phone number or an identifier given in the phone line. It will save incredible amount of time, and the agent can put their energy on the customer instead of finding information. In this solution you can let the agent work on the customer relationship instead of your inefficient process.

As you can see it is possible to have the cake and eat it too. But you will need to rely on the expertise of IT professionals who does these things for a living. Teaming up with the right software company is key to building a process that will work in the long term.

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