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The Beginning. The Evolution.

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During the years Connectel has evolved from being a consulting company to a customer service software provider that delivers entire customer service solutions. We are publicly accepted by Kammarkollegiet together with some of Sweden’s largest phone companies. Today, we are providing customer-focused businesses with contact center solutions in over 25 countries around the world.

Our core is still the same. Customer relationships are everything to us. Our focus on relationships combined with our experience as a telecommunication service provider made the transition into customer service software quite natural. It is also how we can deliver your entire system completely tailored to your needs.

We still believe in improving technology. At heart, we are tech nerds who want to make it easier for companies to deliver great customer service. We aim high with ambitious and creative solutions. Anything is possible.

The platform has global reach, is easy to use and ready for you in minutes.

Connectel builds software that enables enterprises and organizations to handle customer relationships and deliver outstanding customer experiences. We deliver and take responsibility for the end-to-end solution, meaning we handle everything from core application to numbers and calls. The platform has a global reach, is easy to use and ready for you in no time, with our support toward your goals.

When & where founded: 2008 in Uppsala, Sweden

Founded by: Jens Leijon & Robin Leijon

Number of offices: 2

How many countries our customers operate in: 25

We have customers on the following continents: Europe, Africa, North America

Company name: Connectel AB

Corporate identification number: 556755-6559

VAT number: SE556755655901

Invoice address: ekonomi@connectel.co

Office address: Kungsängsgatan 14, 753 22 Uppsala


CTO & Founder

CRO & Founder

Digital Marketing Manager

Customer Success Manager

Our Offices


Main office

Kungsängsgatan 14

753 22 Uppsala


Waterfront Building

Klarabergsviadukten 63

111 64 Stockholm

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Connectel & Customer Relationships

For us the relationship we have with our customers is everything. Because of that, we spend a lot of our time to obsess about customer service. We know customer service and especially customer service technology. It will make us the perfect partner to any company that needs help with their customer service setup. Make yourself the favor and let us be the software company that delivers your entire customer service software, completely tailored to your needs.

Every customer should feel well taken care of. That is why every customer has their own team of an account manager, customer success manager and a technical consultant. Every customer should know a specific person they can contact if they need support. If we didn't solve problems then we wouldn't be who we are.

Customer opinions

“BIMA / Milvik uses Connectel software in 3 of our African markets. We have over 500 call center agents operating on Connectel platform to manage incoming customer service calls and outbound telesales. Connectel’s platform has robust queue/campaign/user management capabilities. There is a strong development team continually working on platform upgrades. Also good knowledge sharing via their wiki site and tutorials. Connectel is very invested in helping us succeed.”

Russel - Africa Head of Operations @BIMA/Milvik

“The call centre tool is really very nice because it gives real time feedback to the users; both Customer care executives & Supervisors. And It has improved the accountability & responsibility to the team. It also increases our efficiency being linked with our CRM tool when a customer calls in his details just popups on the screen which increases the speed in Average Handling Time.” 

Timothy – Callcenter Manager @Mobisol Rwanda

Connectel & Technology

Most of us are tech nerds at heart. Nothing is more exciting to us than how technology is evolving. The better the possible solutions become, the more value we can deliver to our customers. We are constantly pushing forward, working on solutions for the latest hypes in customer service technology.

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See the Unseen

At Connectel we want every employee to create. If it's not a new deal or new digital content, it's the new products and modules. Every employee has a lot of freedom and responsibility to move the Connectel solution forward. We always say that anything is possible and we live by those words.

Come to us with your challenges and we will create a solution.

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