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We know what it’s like to buy a new computer system. No matter what it’s for people usually do not want to rely on the company’s own word about the product. It’s more valuable to most of us to hear what actual users of a system thinks. That is why we have implemented certain efforts for you, the potential customer, to be able to hear what our existing customers say. This page is one of the attempts. So start read our customer stories, and if you need more set up a meeting with us and we can let you actually talk to some of our customers.

We have a few customers who are specifically good examples of how you can use the solution. Read their stories that explains how each of the customers took their customer support or contact center to the next level with the help of Connectel. After that we highly recommend that you check out all our modules on the page of the Connectel Solution.

Customers who use Connectel and their stories

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Kronans on their website

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Varberg on their website

Some of our customers

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