Go for omnichannel instead of multichannel - even if there is a lack of time

Go for omnichannel instead of multichannel

Even if there is a lack of time

“We cannot set aside employees’ time just to handle facebook chat. “

“Omnichannel takes more time, which we don’t have! “

Ever heard these reasons for why not to embrace the omnichannel strategy, or any others like these? The idea of omnichannel tends to make a lot of companies uncomfortable. At the same time the “omnichannel experts” keeps saying that omnichannel is what today’s market is expecting.

“Your customer wants it!”

The tagline almost screams at you.

Not every company is hesitant to embrace omnichannel, e.g. Virgin media and Disney, have been raised to the skies for the excellent omnichannel approach. For large American companies omnichannel comes naturally. They have a relationship to customer service that you do not see in Europe.

But what about all those companies that does not have the deep pockets? American or European, it doesn’t matter. Is it only for elitist companies or can (or should) perhaps the masses of companies embrace the approach that is here to stay?

We can perhaps find the answer in the definition of what omnichannel vs multichannel is.

What is omnichannel and multichannel?

Omni comes from the Latin word omnis and means all or every, and multi obviously means many. While many professionals try to differentiate between multi and omni they are in the foundation the same, they just take it to different levels.

That means that omnichannel is a multichannel strategy.

Only, instead of separating channels like you do in multichannel where it’s hard to share information across the channel limits, in omnichannel everything is intertwined. Omnichannel can therefore be visualized with a spiderweb where the customer is the center of everything.

The key here is to remove the focus from the tickets many traditional multichannel systems create. You instead want to focus on the individual and their pain points and problems. By getting more context through omnichannel you are able to give the customer better support.

3 Reasons why omnichannel is better

  1. It moves the focus from tickets in your system onto your customer, the real individual. Which creates happier customers!
  2. It changes your perspective and makes it possible for you to handle changes in technology better. Your mindset will go from reactive to proactive which is exactly what you need to make better investments in technology.
  3. It gives you more, and better information about your customers. With that information you will know better who to target as well as you will know what problems what customer groups are having. If you take action based on that information you can expect saved money and time in the end.

Is it worth it?

It’s always comes to resource allocation in the discussions of whether to go omnichannel or not. To someone who doesn’t understand how a well-executed omnichannel strategy looks like it might seem like more time and money than it’s worth. If your strategy uses the best tools and systems on the market, then you can be sure that you will instead save time and money.

Omnichannel is a strategy that have a high return on the investment.

Connectel is a omnichannel solution. By saying that I am telling you that with our help you can make that previously explained situation a reality. By partnering up with us you can get a high return on your investment.

We can help you limit the number of systems you use. We can also help you save time and money.

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Coaching with speech analytics, Eviexa & Insight


A while back I held a presentation about speech analytics. A few reflections from it stuck to my mind which has inspired this blog post. It was clear that an interest among the participants were how speech analytics can help improve your coaching ability. To find the agents that really needs your help and give them the support they need.

You already have the ability to barge in or co-listen to your agent’s conversations. Neither one of these are really that good coaching tools though. It will affect your agent’s confidence if they know that you are listening and judging everything they say. With the help of both Speech Analytics and our Feedback module Eviexa you can both give them the space they need to do their job and still know how they are doing.


The main purpose of Eviexa is to gather customer feedback. This means that you can gather direct feedback about your agents depending on what kind of questions you ask. In the platform you will be able to see reports that displays both the results of surveys. You can also see how satisfied the customers (who answered the survey) was with their agent.

Eviexa dashboard

Speech Analytics

This technology will help you dig deeper into how calls are going. While a survey asks the customer about their opinion the response rate is usually not that good. Somewhere between 10-20% can be expected. The good thing with speech analytics is that you are more in control over how much data you gather. You don’t have to gather data from every single call. Maybe you already know what hours of the day you receive most of your calls? Then you can limit it to those hours. The important thing is that it’s up to you.

They most important thing to speech analytics is the quality of the sound on the recording. After you have the recording transcribed then you can do almost anything with analyzing the text. You know better than anyone what your organization sees as important. The first step is always to set clear goals for that process. If you need something then we can almost always make it happen.

Eviexa + Speech Analytics + Insight = High value coaching material

We can export data from Eviexa and Speech Analytics data already land in our analytics module Insight. In Insight we today have a simple display of the data extracted from calls. I know though that we can do so much more. If we combine data from Eviexa with data from calls, then we have everything we need to deliver an agent report of high value. That report is everything you will need to coach your team. Read this blog post to get more ideas about how you can help your agent.

The good thing is that this coaching setup is pretty flexible. All you need is a high quality recording of a conversation and surveys that gather customer feedback. This is something that you can arrange in our CEC solution for both a customer service, telemarketing and customer meetings.

Are you intrigued by the idea of this setup? Send and email to me or our sales team and we can inform you further. Not many companies have the ability to get such a clear picture of how their agents are doing. Do you want to beat your competition on this? Contact our sales team to have implemented!

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