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Make your customers feel important with Connectel's platform

Connectel supports your customer service efforts when and how you need it






Be available through omnichannel

Always be ready to provide service

Companies need to be where their customers are. With Connectel you can be available but still gather all your efforts in one place.

cec omni channel

Everything included

Phone, email, SMS, webchat, social media chat. Be available where they want to reach you.
Customer journey information is gathered and displayed in all the interactions.
Set up the basics yourself, or ask for our help to set up a more complex solution.
Integrate your CRM system, avoid spreading yourself short by gathering everything in one interface.
cec solution

Track your progress with our analytical modules

Focus your efforts on what works and change what is not working

Track real time metrics or historical data. Use business intelligence the way it fits your work process.

power report

Power Report

Skyview helps you track your daily progress in real-time.
More offices than one? Skyview can be set up as global dashboard to display all your locations in one interface.
Insight holds all historical data about your phone calls. Data that can be displayed in a graph or downloaded as an excel sheet.
Create your own report in Insight with power report.
We can create any report you need for any channel (or why not a cross channel report?).


Give better customer service

Use Connectel's Solution to its full potential and let the supporting modules improve your customer service

There is so much you can do with Connectel’s platform. There is barely any limit and the boundary to what is possible is constantly being pushed forward. If you feel a lack of ideas then follow our blog and/or contact us and let us inspire you.

Eviexa can help you figure out what your customers think about your service quality.
Do you want use the latest technology in your process? We have products based on speech analytics and machine learning available for you right now.
A well designed IVR is crucial if you want to provide customer service over the phone. CEC's IVR designer is based on drag and drop which means it's easy to use.
Combine product modules like Speech Analytics and Custello to both learn more about your interactions and easily update your official information.

Eviexa – Customer Feedback

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Apoteket kronan

In the ever-changing world of pharmacy, customers have bigger and bigger demands on service. They expect getting help and support when they need it, no matter what communication channel they use. We needed a technology supplier that was in the absolute forefront, that can build solutions for us that are based on our specific needs. We found that in Connectel and our collaboration has been spot on exactly what we needed. The collaboration has made what we need possible!

Michael Wallin – Customer Service Manager @ Kronan Pharmacy