Integrate all the tools you need to create your ultimate solution

While we love our system we know that most companies today use multiple systems for different purposes. We also know that many companies are actually using almost too many systems, and are struggling to create an effective process between all the different systems.

We have a lot of experience making sure the integrations our customers needs are made to work with our solution. By integrating your systems you decrease the number of systems your agents need to handle in one single process. That means that it is possible to create an effective process for your agents, and we are here to make it happen.

Below we have listed some of the integrations that our customers are using today. But the list of possible integrations is close to endless!

CRM & Ticketing


Create the best overview of your customer interactions by integrating Salesforce into the Connectel solution. Get an overview and in depth information on their customer journey with this integration.


Combine Zendesk popular ticketing system with the high quality channels in the Connectel solution. Use their system for internal communication and the Connectel solution for the external customer communication. This integration gives you the best of two worlds!


Combining a straight forward ticketing system like Freshdesk with Connectel's system sets you up for success with your customer service. By letting Connectel trigger automations in Freshdesk your ticketing will be easier than ever to manage.

Zoho CRM

Integrate Zoho into Connectel's solution if you want to prioritize the tasks that have an effect in your customer service. Create efficient workflows and collect the data you need to learn from your customers. This integration can save you a lot of time and energy.

connectel - sugar crm

Oracle Service Cloud

Handle information and data easier by integrating Oracle into Connectel's solution. Become a pro at giving cross-channel support and digital support with this integration. Minimize the distance between your marketing team and your support team and share the data your company needs to grow.

Sugar CRM

Fill out a call ticket in Sugar CRM automatically with the data from Connectel's Solution. Gather all information in one place and make the process of gathering information easier with automations. integration - connectel

An affordable ticketing system from Salesforce. Salesforce have announced that that this platform will be discontinued in 2020.

Workforce Management

Loxysoft/Proschedular WFM

Handle your workforce management with the Proschedular integration from Loxysoft. Utilize the information you can gather from the agent data Connectel's solution collect on a daily basis. Makes scheduling and agent prognosis easy to handle. An integration like this increases your return on the investment that your agents are, and makes their jobs easier.



Tieto's collection suite Nova

Get better control over your debt collection with Tieto's collection suite Nova. Use this automated debt collection solution if you are looking for something effective and flexible. Tieto also have a lending platform which can easily be combined with Nova debt collection. Together they create a complete credit management solution. Some of the biggest players on the Scandinavian market are using this solution.


Atlassian - Jira

Make it easier for your agents to communicate with teams behind the frontline by integrating Jira from Atlassian. Create tasks for your IT team, build a knowledge base and self-service, all with information you gather in Connectel's solution. The process of turning customer feedback info real tasks has never been shorter.

Integrate a system of your choice

The possibilities doesn’t end here! We only have listed the most common integrations we deal with. There are so many integrations that could be interesting that we cannot list them all here. You probably have a software you would like to use but your tired of having so many separate systems. Integrate it into the Connectel solution, and you get the best of both worlds!

If there is a specific integration you would like that we haven’t listed, then please contact us. Contact our helpdesk here and they can help you out.