Connectel + Zendesk

Enhance your customer experience by combining both systems' strengths


How the integration will work

While they have one of the most popular ticketing systems in the world their phone system is not as popular. That is why combining the Connectel solution with Zendesk is a great idea! You no longer need to make do with systems that cannot communicate well with tools you are using. Or that well with your customers. With Connectel’s solution you can expect flexibility and the possibility to bend its boundaries to fit your needs.

This is in short description on how the integration can be set up:

The integration is used to automatically open a zendesk ticket for every call. The ticket that will open is according to the conditions (Queue, Call status or Outbound) set in the trigger.

The ticket will be populated with information about the call and displayed for the agent in the Zendesk environment.

The following are list of things you have to do to make the integration work:

  1. Set up an account for their software
  2. Create a configuration for the account
  3. Create Triggers (Tools → Triggers) and set the conditions you want to trigger the integration. After that you add actions for the integration by selecting: zendesk integration, the zendesk account you have configured and the configuration you want to use.
  4. Log the agent in to both systems

Every time there is a call, the trigger conditions are checked and a ticket is created in their system. The ticket is also assigned to the agent managing the call if the conditions are met.

So what you can do with this integration:
  • Create new tickets automatically when a call is happening
  • As well as open existing tickets if you need.
  • Make information handling and ticketing so much easier!

It will save you so much time!