Connectel + Zoho CRM

Make customer service easier for yourself by combining Connectel with Zoho CRM.

cec zoho integration

How the integration will work

Zoho CRM integration is used to automatically open a task for every call according the conditions (Queue, Call status or Outbound Route) set in a trigger.

The task will be populated with information about the call and displayed to the agent in the Zoho CRM environment.

The following are list of things you have to do to make the integration work:

  1. Download and use the Connectel Motion Phonebar Windows App
  2. Create the Zoho Administrator Account (on or, if you don’t already have one
  3. Get the Token for establishing a certified interaction with Zoho
  4. Create a Zoho User Account (on or
  5. After that create a Zoho Agent Account in Connectel Motion (having the same e-mail address as the Zoho User Account)
  6. When the account has been created, create a Zoho Configuration in Connectel Motion.
  7. Create a Trigger (Tools → Triggers), set the triggering conditions for this integration and add integrations action
  8. Login the Agent in Zoho and in Motion and start!

After the configuration is completed, if trigger conditions are checked during a call a Zoho Call Activity will be created. The Call Activity will automatically be assigned to the agent managing the call (if the conditions are met).