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To help you engage better with your customers, every solution is tailor made to what you need.

The solution is a multilingual, cloud-based customer service system. The system is a complete system, with its foundation in the omnichannel strategy. Because of the omnichannel strategy, you see the system as the engine of your customer service. By adding Connectels analytics features, and process modules, you can get a 360 view of your customer’s relationship with your company.

Below you will find short descriptions of all of our modules that you can combine. The modules we think you want to know more about have more in-depth descriptions.


The voice channel is still the most important channel for most customer service department.

With unlimited number of voice channels and our intelligent routing it allows you to manage the voice channel extremely efficient.

In our solution you have two options; either you can use WebRTC or the Phonebar. WebRTC makes it possible for you agents to handle all calls directly in the browser. Perfect for remote agents or giving your agents the possibility to work from home! Phonebar is installed directly on your desktop, and is still the most used option.

We are also a telephony service provider, and as your service provider we can guarantee the highest sound quality. Making you feel more confident, while delivering world class customer service to your customer over the phone!

Today your customer expects you to have a webchat function on your website.

We can help you make this happen. Not only is the chat window customizable but these interactions will also be included in the Connectel queueing system. All your interactions will be monitored in the same place as the rest of your channels.

Are you interested in adding a chatbot to your webchat? Talks to us about your needs and we can make it happen.

Read more about webchat here.

Did you know that some say Facebook Messenger will be the next big marketing channel?

We believe social media is more important that ever for a successful customer service. Just like all the other channels in our solution this one will also be included in the intelligence queueing system.

Monitor it together with your other channels on the Connectel dashboard.

Read more about social media and Connectel’s solution here.

Handling your emails in a separate system will make your process inefficient.

By including it into your Connectel solution the intelligent routing will portion out the emails to your agents. No more cherry picking and a lot of time saved which will show in the statistics.

Quicker, easier customer service

With the help of SMS Channel you can easily update your customers, and give them support before they knew they needed it. You can both receive and send SMS.

This is a cheaper option than sending physical mail and a quicker option to a phone call.

All interactions will generate statistics which can make you customer service smarter and help you make better decisions.


Connectel Survey is a survey tool that helps you gather feedback from customers

Both to help your company and to help your specific agents. With dashboards and coaching reports the gathered data can be visualised to support managers in their decision making and communication.

In Connectel’s solution you have a simplified version of a CRM system

Gather contact information and the history of all your interactions. This will help your agents when they are trying to support your customers in all your channels.

FAQ’s can take the pressure off the phone

All companies have today at least a static FAQ. While Custello will look like a normal FAQs to your customer, for your company is a different story. Our omnichannel solution together with our speech analytics module makes it possible for you to fill Custello with questions that comes in to your phone from real customers. By simply doing what you already have to do you can create the best self service FAQ on the market.


Read more about Custello here

Never miss the opportunity to talk to a customer

Did you miss a call and would like to easily be able to call back? With our solution you can! You can also create an outbound call list with our Contact Management module and call out with the powerful Dialer. Perfect for telemarketing or whenever you need your agent to call many of your customers. 

Organise incoming interactions into queues and route every interaction to an available agent

Omnichannel communication is made possible with the intelligent queueing system. No agent ever have to pick an interaction because every single one is portioned out with the queueing system.

For times when an agent cannot remember every question

Do your department have a set of questions your agent need to ask in every interaction, or maybe in specific categories of interactions? With our scripting tool you are able to put together scripts that can be triggered when you need them.

For quality control and data mining

Call recordings can be saved for quality control and coaching or to take the function a step further with speech analytics. Since Connectel is a telephony service provider we can guarantee those customers high quality recordings which is the foundation for our speech analytics module.

Manage everything from one interface. From users and queue association on the fly, to advanced dialer campaign settings.

Data Analytics

Follow how your team’s day is going

Are there customers waiting for an agent to answer? What is the average queue time? Keep yourself informed with all the real time data that is displayed on the dashboard named Skyview.


Read more about Skyview here

Follow your KPI:s and how they interact with each other

In our analytical platform Insight all your data is visualised. If your customer service keeps track of occupancy for example, the occupancy report is available. This is also where our speech analytics data results in reports. The collection of reports is ever-changing but allows you to get an overview of all your channels. Let us know if there is something you need. We here for you and Insight will always be flexible.

Dig for gold in your voice channel

Get deeper insight into what your team is doing right and what your company can do better. By only categorising your interactions a lot of information about interactions go missing. With our Speech Analytics module you can gather information about how satisfied customers seem to be, what agents that need more support, and what was discussed during the interaction. Similar data can also be gathered from your other text based channels.


Integrate your other systems into the Connectel solution

Some examples of possible integrations are:

  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Freshdesk
  • Or a system of your choice

Read more here

Organise your workforce by using a workforce management system

We have customers who export realtime data from the solution to their Workforce Management system.

You can as well!

Identify your customer during your interaction

Some companies wish to identify their customer during the interaction. BankID is a solution for this.

Read this business case involving one of our customers who have decided to utilise the tool to its full potential!

Create your own ecosystem with all your systems

We want your process to get easier by using the Connectel solution. Export data to, for example, your external business analytics software. By connecting different systems you will have less manual work to do.

Omni channel interface is where you manage all channels. Even the phone is integrated into the web browser.

Support resources

Helpdesk Support

Helpdesk is available for all our customers between 08:00 and 17:00. If there is an issue or you need help changing something, give us a call or send us an email and we will help you out as soon as possible. Find out more about our helpdesk here.

Helpdesk Premium

If you need to have support available all hours of the day then for an extra fee you can get this support package.

Customer Success

The team cooperates with all departments at Connectel. They are here to make sure our customers get the highest value from the platform and that things are working like they should. As our customer you will have a Customer Success Manager assigned to you who you can work with to improve how you use our software. The majority of the digital content (written, video, etc.) is also produced by our Customer Success team. Have a look at their content here.

Technical Consultant

Our tech savvy consultants are part time the ones you will talk with when you contact our helpdesk, the other half of their time they are doing projects with customers. As a customer you will have an assigned technical consultant who are available to you if you need something done with your platform setup.

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