Improve the customer experience with a dynamic FAQ

Today, most companies have a static FAQ. While Custello will look like a normal FAQ to your customer, it will really save time for your company. Our omnichannel solution together with our speech analytics module makes it possible for you to fill Custello with questions that comes in to your phone from real customers.


By simply doing what you already have to do you can create the best self service FAQ on the market.

Always updated. Always live.

Offer support 24/7; at any hour no matter where in the world your customer is located.

Answers always available from the right people.

Let your agents give the answers before the questions have been asked.

Reduce incoming tickets by up to 20%.

Let customers serve themselves by finding prepared answers to the questions they have.

“We are always interested in improving our customer care and when Connectel presented their dynamic FAQ it felt like a natural next step. Our ambition is to offer an easy and efficient way to get answer to our customers. Top of this, we count to decrease basic interactions handled by our employees which means we can concentrate to help our customers even better in more difficult questions”

Noora – Customer Service Director @Oriola Corporation

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