Sort, Organize and solve email tickets

Email as a channel

Turn your email channel from bad to great. Our mission with every customer is to turn your vision and ideas into reality with the help of our products. Email is not just a simple email solution, it’s way more than that. It gives you the ability to connect, tools and systems that will make your customer interactions more enjoyable than ever. With a clear overview, staus monitors and you can handle the email as an efficient channel.

Queue and list Management

To manage the email channel, you have tools like queue and contact management tools together with the possibility to create lists and set up different skilled-based routings. This makes it possible to automate a flow for emails. Set it all up in a smart way and you will save a lot of time and money.

well-organized system with dispositions and tagging

You have two powerful tools that make it easier to organize your emails; these are dispositions and tagging. You use dispositions to do basic categorizing of emails and tagging lets you categorize emails in even more ways. Done right this can create a well-organized system where it’s easy to find the emails you are looking for.

We love API integrations

Connect other products from Connectel or external products with the help of our API. These abilities make the possibilities of this product close to endless.

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