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Customer engagement on social media is complex but done right it can be very rewarding

In Connectel's solution social media is treated like a normal chat channel

Make it a part of your process by using the routing and queue system.

Get Customer Journey information collected in the column directly to the right of the chat conversation.

The functionality in these social media chats are increasing all the time. Which makes these chats more user friendly and better all the time.

Your customer wants to talk to you on social media. So what are you waiting for?

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Social media chat channels


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This blogpost is about how you can use customer service data to create behavioural personas. Just less than five years ago we would only build our marketing personas based on stereotypes. The assumptions that a woman have specific interests, and someone with a high income spend their money in this way. We have since then become smarter and realised that the market doesn’t work like that. We now realise the only thing we can rely on is behaviour.


We expect B2C companies to use Facebook Messenger. Don’t we also expect the company to answer straight away? Like if we were chatting with our friends on Facebook. Did you know that today 63% of us use a messaging app(*)? Also, that 53% of us are more likely to buy from a company that we can reach on a messaging app? In this blog post we will talk about Facebook Messenger and how much potential it’s future has. There will also be two more posts about Facebook Messenger this week.

Are you curious about chatbots and would like to try one for your company’s customer service? Facebook Messenger chatbots makes it possible for any company, small or big. While if it has been poorly created it could be a waste of time, it still has the potential of lifting some of the weight of your agents. The technology is flexible and could improve your relationship with your customer. The key is to execute it well.

The number one reason companies use for why they cannot prioritise Facebook Messenger is that they do not have the time. This is where Connectel comes in! When there is technology like this you really don’t have an excuse why you cannot use Facebook Messenger. The value of is exceeds the downsides. By incorporating it into Connectel's process you can create a process that makes an omni channel strategy possible without the extra work.

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