True understanding of customer satisfaction

Don't make assumptions when you can ask

It’s hard to know what your customers are thinking if you don’t ask them. Use a surveying tool if you want to ask in a systematic way what they are experiencing. Now you can send out surveys in your preferred channel by using Connectel Survey; send it as a text message, email, or create a QR code, website or phone call.

You will be able to get an overview of survey results, as well as deeper information and actual responses with the survey tool from Connectel. As the responses start to drop in your dashboard will update itself in realtime. You will be able to follow what’s happening right now.

Use Connectel Survey for more than just customer feedback!


Send surveys both to customers and to employees. You can send them to whoever you want and get insights into their experiences with your company and agents.


Use survey to communicate with employees about ideas, needed improvements and work absence. Connectel survey makes it possible to gather all formal communication in one place.


In Connectel Survey you have all the tools needed to be a great coach! Use the planning tools, get the performance data and listen to what feedback the employee is giving you.

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