Voice- & chatbot

Save time and reduce your agent's workload

Reliable, efficient and accurate

Chatbot answering customers automatically

The voice- and chatbot replies instantly, works 24/7 and reduces your costs up to 90% compared to agent-performed customer service tasks.

There is no need for your agents to handle the simple inquiries, and the relief can be essential for your Contact Center. Assign the bot to provide your bookings, perform guidance, answer frequently asked questions and much more.

Use a bot for your voice or chat channels, we definitely recommend both.

Answers customers instantly and continuously

Personal CX with automatic customer recognition

Seamless integration with your human agents interface

Probably your most valued agent

Happy Customers

The voice- or chatbot from Connectel, creates impeccable automated customer dialogs. The customer will interact in the exact same way as if it were a human at the other end.

"Speech analytics and text analytics will help your bot interact faster and even more accurately."

→ Make customer service easier and quicker

→ Save time and reduce the cost per ticket

→ Leave your customer with a great impression.

Reduce your agent's workload while creating top performing experiences

Transfer the ongoing dialog from the voice- and chatbot to an agent, but only when the inquiries are to complex for it to handle.

Save time and effort by automating your customer support while providing the most accurate answers. Start your bot implementation by booking a meeting with us. Where we also gladly share our past bot installation experiences and how we can ensure a smooth implementation.

Accurate chatbot results

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