Mobile agents in healthcare

Varberg, a sparsely populated municipality located in the Swedish western countryside. This is pushing municipals to come up with alternative ways to solve healthcare for their citizens. In this case, Varberg has a hospital located in the city, but there are yet people in the region who needs remote healthcare because of distance issues. Everyone can’t travel to the hospital, and Varberg has increased their range of care by spreading their nurses in the municipality. They are rarely in the same place at the same time. It became a logistical challenge and forced them to find a cloud-based solution that could help stay organized and perform the nursing tasks in order.

Schedule controlled callback

Varberg Municipality required a system that made it possible to manage their nurses’ duties. And as there is a limited number of nurses who provide healthcare, they lacked an agile solution.

At first, they believed scheduling and other workforce management features were the only way to go. With our support, they realized that Connectel’s callback function could solve a large piece of the problem. With Connectel they have limited the phone hours to when the nurses are available. Besides those hours, people can add themselves to a callback queue. It enables nurses to easily call whoever tried to reach them back when they are available.

Business intelligence and analytics

Obviously, the administration of Varberg is interested in the progress of their healthcare solution. The analytics features provided in the solution makes it easy to monitor the results and improve their efficiency. With our business intelligence tool Insights, for gathering and understanding data they are now able to follow their team’s detailed progress. Insights gather all of Varbergs desired data and information, and enables them to coach the employees on a whole new level.

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