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Customer success are here to help you and your agents succeed. We can only see our job as successful if you succeed. Every day we are working on creating products and services that can be of help you because of these objectives. This blog post is an introduction to what we at Customer Success are doing to help you use CEC better.

We constantly work on creating service packages that makes it easier for you to get started with CEC. Or to improve how you use of CEC. If you are a new customer then you will have a Customer Success Consultant on you startup project. You can also expect continued support from that consultant as well. Because we want to take the best possible care of our customers I also am the person you should contact if you have any questions connected to GDPR. Other than the mentioned there are two areas we work with that we especially want to introduce to you.

Workforce Management Package

We are Customer Success are very aware that one of the biggest problems customer services are facing is dealing with the workforce. Your one really big challenge. To find the equilibrium between cost efficiency and having enough agents on the floor to keep the queue times down. Because of that we created a report in Insight that visualises your agent’s occupancy during the time they are logged in to CEC. This will be a great tool for you to coach your agents. Another great coaching and feedback tools is Eviexa, the communication intelligence product. This is where you can gather feedback from customers and get more insight into how well your agents are doing.

The last part of this customer success package is something is under progress. Like I mentioned last week while discussion business analytics, I love analytics. This last report is a challenge but if we succeed then it will be a great support for your workforce planning. The report is for predictive analytics of call volumes. The plan is for it to give you an indication based on historical data how many agents you need. Truth is that projects that isn’t based on a specific customer will have a low priority. So if you find this interesting and would like to add this to your Insight then get in touch with me.

New Media Support For Customer Success

We believe training material should be easy to find and to go through. Because of that we have for a while now been working on making training material that is not text based. Today you can find our interactive manual which is picture based on this blog, under the page Manual. A lot of the basics are covered here just like in the videos that are coming up on our YouTube channel in the next couple weeks. As you already know, you have this blog with regular posts where I’m trying to provide insight every week. Soon as well, we are starting to do webinars. The first webinar will be under the theme of how you can help your agents do the best job possible.

So this was a short introduction to what we do on a daily basis and it’s just the beginning. We are here to help you succeed with our software so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need us.

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