Customers don't know what they want....

Or do they?

Everyone has at some point heard a company or a business leader say that customers don’t know what they want. But I don’t agree with that statement and this blog post is my explanation why. Instead of focusing in what someone want you should focus on what they need.

Companies think that their customers don’t know what they want

Your company is the expert on your product, or at least it should be. Whenever two people are talking who have different levels of knowledge about a topic an asymmetry is created. When your sales people start asking deep, maybe technical questions you are very likely to confuse the customer. To be frank, most of your customers probably don’t care about having deep knowledge in every purchase they make.

Your customer knows what they need even if it’s only on a basic level. The deeper their knowledge is of what they need the more they are invested in the possible purchase of your product. Depending on how big of an investment your product equals they will have different interest in the technical details. There is a big difference depending on for e.g. the cost of your product and how many people the purchase affect.

You speak different languages

Because of the asymmetry you can almost see it as you speak a different language than your customer. It’s only if you understand this that you can start taking real steps toward your customer. If you on the other hand decide to stick to the idea that your customer don’t know what they want then you have to realise one thing. You are probably asking your customer the wrong questions. You might even be pursuing the wrong prospect.

There are only so much information that we can keep in our minds at one time. If you are selling a B2B product then your customer probably is busy remembering information that has to do with their company. If it’s a private consumer then they also have something that is more important. Even worse will it be over time. If the customer only will be reminded by your information on more rare occasions, then they will find it hard to remember it. Customers need to be reminded of important information.

IT psychology gives us a hint

Do you need to work with a software on a daily basis that is not actually that good? A software that does not fill all your needs? Then I’m sure you try to find your ways around task related obstacles on a daily basis. A company can only overcome this if the IT company listens to their customer and help the customer with training. As a customer you usually only have two options. Deal with the obstacles or buy the product from someone else.

Your customer will work around obstacles no matter what product you offer. Have you, or a woman around you, used different kinds of facial treatments to meet all their needs? There has been a trend for the past few years that are perfect proof of this. Where you use different kind of facial products in different areas of your face to deal with different problems. There is no perfect product and you will probably not solve all your customer’s needs. All you can do is respect your customer enough to realise that they know what they need. Even if they cannot formulate it in the language you are used to.

Customers know what they need

The issue has been stated, we are so used to not having all our needs met but products. This has resulted in us almost avoiding thinking about it because it will often be wasted energy. If we all had our creative hats on all the time, then there would probably be more innovative products that actually solve our problems on the market.

So if as a company you should not stick to the assumption that customers don’t know what they want. Show them enough respect to realise that they know what they need. What they need is more important than what they want. They can say that they want the latest product on the market. But if that product does not solve their needs then they will not be loyal. It will just be a matter of time before they turn to another company. So, think again about the information you gather from your customer. What can you change to make you better at gathering information about what they need?

When it comes to customer service, it should be what your customer are asking for. One thing they are asking for is better customer service. With our help and platform you can serve your customers like you should. Read about omni channel here . Visit our product page here.

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