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Are you curious about chatbots and would like to try one for your company’s customer service? Facebook Messenger chatbots makes it possible for any company, small or big. While if it has been poorly created it could be a waste of time, it still has the potential of lifting some of the weight of your agents. The technology is flexible and could improve your relationship with your customer. The key is to execute it well.

It’s perfect if you need to handle basic questions or booking of appointments. It’s all done with technology and not by your busy agents. You can also set the chatbot to send messages to your customers automatically. Some examples of what it can send out is reminders, updates and customer surveys. These mentioned examples are basic, and a creative mind can come up with way more examples. The possibilities are endless!

The trick though is to be clear on your objectives from the start. It’s easy to set up chatbots that are quite a waste of time and effort. If you focus on pain points, then maybe you can solve some of them. But remember not make it too complicated, keep it simple.

Facebook’s Changes in the Algorithm

Facebook Messenger chatbots are also a good idea because of the changes that have been done in the Facebook algorithm. Before you could reach your customer in their Facebook feed on a completely different level than today. Do you have an important message that you want to reach your customer with? Use Messenger instead of trying to reach them organically in their feed. Maybe a Messenger bot can do the job for you?

With all of Facebook’s changes this year it’s important for companies to update themselves on what is happening. It will affect you company if you are doing marketing on the platform. A big change is how real interactions and conversations will be prioritized over paid for content. With real engagement they hope they will be able to improve the platforms reputation after all the scandals.

I’m excited about chatbot, but I’m still not sure if it’s something that is going to last. As mentioned I think it depends a lot on the execution. Together with us on Connectel I am sure though that we can create a great chatbot and include the channel into your CEC solution. In the next blog post we will talk about including Facebook Messenger into your customer service process in the CEC solution.


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