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The number one reason companies use for why they cannot prioritise Facebook Messenger is that they do not have the time. This is where CEC comes in! When there is technology like this you really don’t have an excuse why you cannot use Facebook Messenger. The value of is exceeds the downsides. By incorporating it into CEC process you can create a process that makes an omni channel strategy possible without the extra work.

Maybe you want to use Facebook Messenger as the chat option on your website? Now you can do that, since Facebook created a Messenger plugin. This way you can use the chat function as your one and only on multiple places. This way it seems like you are available everywhere and you are still able to include it into your queueing system in CEC. It will also seem like you are very up to date on trends. Think what a great addition Facebook Messenger will be to your process. Best part of it is how you can create a processes that lets you skip the hassle of multiple tools and channels. That’s the charm with an omni channel platform (read more here and here).

CEC Process Thanks To API:s

Facebook Messenger is one of those social media platforms that has a very open API (Application Programming Interface). That means that the code behind Messenger allows other software to communicate and send data to Messenger. A social media platform which is on the other side of the spectrum is Instagram. That is why you can’t find a marketing platform that also includes Instagram. The developers for Instagram has obviously chosen to keep Instagram a bit more exclusive. If you want to post pictures you have to use the platform. Thanks to API:s, integrations and synchronisations has made it way easier to build a manageable process. This is how the CEC process becomes as flexible as it is.

Do you still not see why you should incorporate Facebook Messenger into your CEC process? Contact us and we probably can convince you! Do you have a question about Facebook Messenger or would like to discuss something with me? Then feel free to email at: anna.itzel@connectel.co.

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