Insurance & Banking

Dealing with people's money, safety and sometimes even their lives can be a vulnerable business.

In a vulnerable industry like insurance or banking safety has to come first.Connectel can help you make sure you follow regulations and make sure no information ends up in the wrong hands.

Omnichannel communication

An obvious choice

Insurance companies and banks have a wide variety of customers, with different needs and preferences. That makes it more important to be available where your different customer groups spend their time. 

IVR Designer in CEC

IVR Designer

Secure calls and customer identification. We have all the security measures you will need and an IVR which can make identification much easier.
Call blending for a more efficient organisation. Let's set up a voice channel of incoming calls with high quality sound, and outgoing calls with our powerful dialer.
Compliance! Make sure agents comply with regulations with our scripting tool or speech analytics.
book demo of BankID


On the Scandinavian market we have the identification module BankID, which uses local bank records (Finland, Norway and Sweden) to identify whomever is trying to interact with you. This has proven to be very useful for the insurance and banking industries. Get more information on our page about BankID (written and spoken swedish).

Bima Milvik in Africa

Milvik Bima sells micro insurances in different countries in Africa. Together with Connectel, Milvik Bima overcame the challenge of lacking infrastructure to set up call centers. Read this customer story.