International business

Manage all your international teams in one place.

Running an international company gives you unique challenges that companies with only one or two offices doesn’t have to worry about. 


Connectel’s flexibility makes it possible for you to set up one process to control the quality of all your teams. You can also follow the teams progress in one interface.

Cloud based platform

Omnichannel platform reached through a simple login

Using Connectel makes it possible to set up a process that gives the leadership of the company overview of the team’s progress. It’s easy to expand to more locations in a speed of your choice. Perfect for the expanding international company.

Admin view

Create global consistency in your communication strategy, or optimise your strategy to a specific market.
Set up queues in the same IVR for different cities.
Use Skyview to get an overview of the current status of your different queues.
With Insight's reports (for ex. the Occupancy report) you can get historical data on all offices and see what offices that needs your attention.
IVR Designer in CEC

The photo shows an example of an IVR design made in the campaign designer.

Boundary pushing technology

Use all your data to your advantage

As a large company you will have an amount that could give you a competitive edge. Some of our modules can turn that data into a real goldmine for you.

Speech analytics - Dig for gold (information) in what used to be a black hole (your phone calls).
Chatbots - Relieve your agent from tedious tasks that a computer can solve just as well.
Custello - Our dynamic FAQ which can answer your customers' questions quicker than ever before.
Alfred - the Agent's virtual assistant, which can save time and help your agent with the support they need in real-time.

Find product pamphlets about for example Chad the Chatbot under ‘download material’.

The level of support you need

Support tailored to your needs

It’s hard to run a multinational company. There might always be someone awake and in need of tech support. We can offer support based on the SLA you need because of that.

Voice channel with IVR which you can design to your business needs.
Written conversations (email & chat) with all customer information right next to the text.
By adding social media channels (Facebook & Twitter) Into the platform you can organise how you manage it together with all your other channels.
Add support tools like speech analytics and chatbots to make you process more efficient and up to date.
Bima Milvik in Africa

Milvik Bima sells micro insurances in different countries in Africa. Read this business case about how Connectel together with Milvik Bima overcame the challenge of lacking infrastructure to set up call centers.

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