Multi-skilled agents

Have you called a customer service lately and been transferred between different departments? Even if you do your best to choose the right numerical option to get your problem solved. When it’s your turn the agent lets you know that you have reached the wrong department. But they can transfer you to the right one. If you are lucky the issue ends there, and you have reached the right person to help you. Or maybe not, and they will transfer you yet again. You feel how you are losing your patience. You just want to solve the problem and not spend hours on the phone! Wouldn’t it be nice if the first agent you reach actually was multi-skilled and could assist you?

There are trends going on in customer services that gives me the belief that maybe the industry has a bright future. Ticketing systems make customers feel like they are nothing more than numbers. Single-skilled agents alienate customers. This is the time for change.

Multi-skilled agents instead of single-skilled

Does it really engage your agents if they only handle the same questions, day in and day out? This is how bigger companies create an efficient customer service. They say that this is the way to go. For some customers this might help but you run the risk of alienating even more customers. It’s time to listen. It’s time to realise that a customer service only can be efficient if customers are satisfied. Anything else is a big failure.

I have mentioned in earlier blog posts that it’s the emotions that your customer will remember, not what was said. They will connect the emotions they are feeling while being on the phone with you with their perception of your company. So if you piss of your customer by sending them between departments you are quite likely to lose that customer.

So why should we put emphasis on multi-skilled agents? Would you like to do the same thing, day in and day out? Probably not. By training your agents to be able to solve multiple types of challenges they will be more engaged. They will not be as bored. An engaged agent will give off a different energy to you customer than a bored one.

You know those customers who are rude to your agents because of how frustrated they are with your company? By training your agents properly and give them the chance to actually solve customers’ problems that frustration will decrease. So trust your agents and train them properly. The better they are prepared the better your customer service will work. Contact us and together we can create a customer service where your agents are engaged and empowered to solve your customers’ challenges.

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