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We have in previous blog posts talked about how to cater for your customers’ needs. We have also mentioned that it’s important to take care of your agent. In this blog post we will look closer on how you can support your agent using the CEC solution.

First thing that might come to manger’s minds is the high costs of having agents. It’s pretty obvious that the biggest cost of a customer service or call center is the agents. Wouldn’t it then be a fantastic support to get at least a hint on how many agents you will need on the floor? One of our latest customer success packages is the workforce management package. Here you get historical reports and predictive reporting to give you an oversight of how your agents are performing and how you can improve your team. This will not only be good for you as a manager, but also for your agent. By making sure you have the right number of agents on the floor, you will create an environment that is not stressful but still keeps your agents engaged.

Help your agent prepare

In the past when I’ve worked as an agent in a customer service like environment the biggest problem have been the lack of preparation. I once worked (for a very short time I have to admit) as a telemarketer. The problem was that I had no idea what I actually was selling. I had no way of answering questions potential customers had for me. This means it only was embarrassing and it didn’t give me confidence in what I was doing. Do I even have to mention that I didn’t sell anything?

In CEC there are especially two great functionalities that will give your agent the preparation they need. First, we have an excellent scripting tool that is flexible and easy to use. This tool can automatically pop up when a new call is coming in and make sure that your agents asks the basic questions they always should ask. You can also set up scripts for different categories of situations that might come in. By having this set up you can make sure that every new agent asks the right questions without too much training. This will save both time and money for your organization.

Second function is if you choose to use CEC to a bigger extent. What I’m referring to is how CEC can be used as a lighter version of a CRM system. The foundation is the customer profile which can be created and managed in contact management. This together with the ‘interactions’ section (can be found in the different kind of interactions to the right) will give your agents a lot of information about a returning customer.

The agent’s process

If you think about it, any work you do to improve the process will help your agent. A big part to help with this in the CEC solution is the queueing system. That is why the omni solution is one of the best ways to support your agent. By adding all your communication channels to the platform, you will give your agent the chance to use their time effectively. They don’t need to seek out the customer because the customer will come to them as soon as they are set as ready.

In conclusion, the more you use the different features of CEC the better support you will be able to give your agents. So do yourself a favor, and your agents, and explore all of CEC:s possibilities. Remember that my colleagues and I are always there for you if you feel unsure of how to create the best possible process. Sometimes it’s a good thing to get other points of view on how to create the right process for your customer service. We know what is possible with the platform and you know what objectives your organisation has. Read more about the platform here.

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