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What is customer success? The question is a rather frequent and normal one and there a many misconceptions on what it actually means. Some say it’s Account Management, other says it’s a new sales function. The third option is that customer success is nothing more than customer support. Most of these is partially right, but over all they all misunderstand the function.

The name is your biggest clue. What do you guess the words customer success means? We want our customers to be good at using our platform. They should feel empowered to solve their own challenges. We know that a customer who can handle the platform on their own are more satisfied with the system.

The practical level

The customer success manager will take care of you after you have signed the contract. The manager will act as project leaders during setup of your system. Feel free to contact your manager whenever you have a question that is not strictly of the technically challenged nature. If something in your system is not working then it’s helpdesk you need to ask for help. 

Our customer success managers are all good at handling change, training and how you can build up a successful process. We are always here to exchange ideas with you, and our support extends over your entire relationship with Connectel. Talk to customer success when you are curious about how you can take your platform usage to the next level.

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