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By using the giving web address, you should find a login page that looks like the one below.

To read information about each button click on the marker.

Log into Motion Phonebar and you will see the following dark grey bar at the top of your interface.

To read information about each button click on the marker.

You have to be logged in to both the desktop application and web interface o be able to handle calls (both inbound and outbound) in Motion Phonebar.

Log in to the desktop application by double clicking the desktop icon:

Test headset and audio settings

Make a test call using the Motion Phonebar (i.e. dial the 600 extension for the echo test).

I do not receive any calls.

Make sure and confirm that you are logged in to both Motion Phonebar softphone and web interface with your user credentials and that your agent status is available.

I have no sound in my headset

Check that headset is connected to computer. Also make sure that sound settings are adjusted in desktops right corner.

Unable log into softphone and get your account online.

Check your user credentials. Check network cable to your computer.

Nothing of above solves the issue.

Reboot your computer.