Impatient customers. Large call volumes. High employee turnover.Handling the customer support in a telecommunication company is not easy.

All telecommunication companies have probably witnessed the massive call volumes this type of company receive on a daily basis. Telecommunication companies can get on top of this challenge though. Utilize IVR technology and other practical support functions in the Connectel Solution and you will take large steps forward.

Omnichannel communication

An obvious choice

Telecommunication probably have the widest variety of customers, with different needs and preferences. That makes it more important to be available where your different customer groups spend their time. They also need to keep up with how times are changing to never lose your touch.

IVR Designer in CEC

IVR Designer

Book call-backs

During some circumstances it's a good option for you to let your customers book a call-back with you. That means they wouldn't have to wait in line and you can more easily plan your time. This can easily be set up in your IVR for example.

Send invoice information

We have all lost an invoice at some point. It is also quite simple, monotone work. Minimize how many calls like this your agents need to take by allowing customers to order a new invoice in your IVR. Simple and less time consuming.

Track KPI:s like SLA

Evaluate how well your teams are doing by taking advantage of all the data you can have gathered in the system. Great for measuring against team targets and individual goals.
book demo of BankID


On the Scandinavian market we have the identification module BankID. It uses local bank records (Finland, Norway and Sweden) to identify whomever is trying to interact with you. This has proven to be very useful for companies with large volumes of incoming calls (like telecommunication companies). It’s easy to identify the large amount of hours you can save by using this kind of technology.

Get more information on our page about BankID (written and spoken swedish). Or read about them on their website.